Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame

For outstanding accomplishments in Alan Weiss’s Global Mentor Program, including:

  • Serving as an exemplar to others in the profession.
  • The highest levels of integrity, ethics and accountability.
  • Revenue and profit achievement and growth.
  • Contributions of intellectual capital to the profession.
  • Continual, challenging, personal and professional development.
  • Risk taking and resilience.

These consultants are regarded by peers as being among the world leaders in consulting, as evidenced by empirical accomplishments in client results, professional contributions, and intellectual property.
Lessons from Lessons Learned & Ideas from the The Million Dollar Consultant® Private Roster Mentor Program Hall of Fame Members.

Charter Members

Chad Barr
CB Software Systems, Inc.
Shaker Heights, OH

“For leadership in web design and Internet marketing innovation, and for outstanding pro bono help in assisting others in the profession, and for helping transform technical consulting to a value basis.”

Dan Coughlin
The Coughlin Company
Fenton, MO

“An example of start-up success, leaving a high school teaching position and rapidly becoming a pre-eminent national executive coach, working with organizations such as Marriott and McDonald’s, including the publication of two books in three years on his specialty.”

Alan Fortier
Fortier & Associates
Fort Lee, NJ

“An expert in all aspects of manufacturing company strategy, pricing, business development, organization, acquisitions, and manager development, including helping executives and boards improve execution, all combining for more value for manufacturing clients than available in any other single resource.”

Nancy MacKay, Ph.D.
MacKay & Associates
North Vancouver, Canada

“For excellence in strategic and organizational consulting, building executive teams, and assisting diverse and global organizations to more rapidly move toward their strategic objectives.”

Edward Poll, J.D.
LawBiz® Management Co.
Venice, CA

“The pre-eminent individual resource for law firm valuation, growth, and productivity, with singular contribution of intellectual capital to the legal community.”

2007 Inductee

Cal LeMon
Executive Enrichment
Springfield, MO

“For leadership in combining teaching, counseling, business acumen, and influence into powerful, dynamic learning environments in organizational America.”

2008 Inductees

George Phares
Strategic Direction Resources, Inc.
Kingwood, TX

“For creating a specialized consulting firm in the difficult field of compliance and regulatory affairs, dramatically growing his business base while reducing labor intensity, and sharing his insights unselfishly with colleagues.”

Guido Quelle
Mandat Managementberatung GmbH
Dortmund, Germany
+49 231 9742-390

“A leader in boutique consulting with major firms, he moved his seven-figure consulting business completely to value-based pricing within a year in a market where many said it couldn’t be done; a life-long learner who improves his clients, his staff, and himself every single day.”

Amanda Setili
Setili & Associates, LLC
Atlanta, GA

“An example of a McKinsey alumna who established her own, independent practice, adapted to new principles of client interaction, and whose firm has grown strongly in each year of its existence, powerfully enabling clients to align individual objectives in support of corporate strategic goals.”

Kimberlee Wilkerson
Wilkerson Consulting Group
Cedar Rapids, IA

“As an example to all of us in committing herself to lifelong learning and the continual creation of new ideas to help others to grow their practices and enrich their lives, engaging her clients, colleagues, and audiences with her enthusiasm, wit, and innovation.”

Rob Nixon
robnixon companies
Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
+61 7 3607 6600

“The prototypical entrepreneur, he has focused on the accounting profession and helped thousands to innovatively improve their practices and their lives by boldly introducing new insights, thinking, and resources, serving as an exemplar through his own marketing efforts.”

Stuart Cross
Morgan Cross Consulting
Newark, United Kingdom

“In a dramatically brief time created and expanded his solo practice by boldly focusing on dramatic and strategic growth, while also sharing his expertise through teaching in major business schools.”

Libby Wagner
Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Seattle, WA

“An innovative leader in human resources development who is both a profound learner and contributor to others, who has traveled the world in a dramatic quest for personal and client improvement.”

2009 Inductees

Suzanne Bates
Bates Communications
Wellesley, MA

“The owner of a powerful business focused on improving executive presentation and communication skills, with two superb books on executive performance, a member of the Million Dollar Club, and a former network news anchor”

Seth Kahan
Glen Echo, MD

“An outstanding organization development consultant who constantly contributes to the Mentor Community by selflessly sharing his victories and setbacks, and is an exemplar of lifelong learning and growth, formerly with the World Bank.”

Patricia Lynch
Business Alignment Strategies, Inc
Long Beach, CA

“A human performance and productivity expert who has worked with highly effective results in public sector and highly politicized environments, nevertheless driving clients toward demonstrable and repeatable results.”

Linda Popky
L2M Associates, Inc.
Redwood City, CA

“A marketing and message expert, who helps clients clarify their message, who is one of the most frequent and powerful contributors to Alan’s Forums, recently bestowed with a Woman of the Year Award, and the president of Women in Consulting.”

Katherine Radeka
Whittier Consulting Group, Inc.
Camas, WA

“An outstanding professional in lean management and business processes, who has created significant intellectual property and become the “go to person” in her field through her highly effective promotion of her value in her marketplace.”

Scott Simmonds
Saco, ME

“An insurance expert who selflessly shares with the community of professionals he joins and supports, and who constantly experiments with more effective ways to reach and assist clients, generously sharing effective techniques with those around him.”

Phil Symchych
Symchych Consulting
Regina, SK Canada

“An expert in business growth who literally traveled the globe, from Australia to Germany, from the UK to the US, to discover best practices to make him more valuable to clients in an ongoing perpetual learning quest.”

2010 Inductees

Bill Corbett
Corbett Business Consulting
Loveland, CO

“An expert in recovery from substance and alcohol abuse, especially among executives, with a unique, unselfish approach to sobriety and an impressively high success ratio, who is constantly providing emotional support to colleagues.”

Linda D. Henman, Ph.D.
Henman Performance Group
Chesterfield, MO

“A thought leader in executive assessment, coaching and feedback, who masterfully combines the science and the art form to create higher levels of excellence for her clients, which she clearly models herself.”

Dave Gardner
Gardner & Associates Consulting
San Jose, CA 95134

“An omnipresent source of inspiration, motivation, and pragmatic help to his community of peers, who uses his own lifelong learning to assist others on that journey.”

photo coming soon
Simma Lieberman
Simma Lieberman Associates
Albany, CA

“An ‘inclusionist’ who views diversity and variety not in terms of numbers but in terms of talent, contribution, and higher levels of performance, who is fearless in her beliefs in the inherent talents of all people.”

Andrew Sobel
Andrew Sobel Advisors, Inc.
New York, NY

“Author, coach, and consultant who brings brilliant intellectual capital to major companies globally, helping them to identify, retain, and nurture their best clients, thus helping to ensure a bright future.”

Andrew Hollo
Sydney, Australia
+03 9486 0110

“Andrew Hollo, Sydney, Australia is the CEO of Workwell, which provides for quick resolution of complex concerns through advanced facilitation. He is an expert trainer, coach, and instructor, helping his clients to rapidly generate new ideas and alternatives in incredibly brief time periods. He creates higher performance levels among individuals and teams across all business lines.”

Leslie Austin
Austin Consulting
New York, NY

“An outstanding consultant in human behavior and individual performance at executive levels.”

Wes Trochlil
Effective Database Management
Hamilton VA

“Creative and innovative in turning tactical information into strategic business knowledge.”

Aviv Shahar
Aviv Consulting
Seattle, WA & West Palm, FL

“Original and dynamic approaches to organization performance and effectiveness. Known to his clients as The Collaboration Catalyst is a recognized expert in leadership, strategy and top talent development. He is an international consultant, coach, author and featured speaker. Aviv’s passion is to help successful leaders and teams create and achieve their desired future.

David Gammel
High Context Consulting, LLC
Salisbury, MD

“Brilliantly combining technology, people, processes, and design.”

2011 Inductees

Garry Beavis
Beavis Consulting Group
Osborne Park, WA, Australia
+61 8 9204 5030

“Garry Beavis, Perth, Australia, is an expert in financial services and a Fellow or the Taxation Institute of Australia. He was the first Million Dollar Consulting® Master Mentor in Australia, certified for all programs. His expertise in value recognition, branding, marketing, and intellectual property make him a superb resource for the owners and executives in small and medium-sized organizations.”

Kevin Berchelmann
Triangle Performance, LLC
Spring, Texas

“Kevin Berchelmann, Houston, TX, is CEO of Triangle Performance, LLC which creates enhanced financial success through innovative human performance strategies. He works with executives in large organizations to far surpass what is traditionally believed to be organization development and change management. He is also a sought-after speaker and facilitator.”

Bill Lee
Customer Strategy Group
Dallas, TX

“Bill Lee, Dallas, TX, an expert in customer relationships, retention, and loyalty, has done seminal work in assessing the value of customer relationships and how bet to engage customers. His next book appears in the fall from Harvard Business Review Press, The Hidden Wealth of Customers. He is the president of the Customer Strategy Group and hosts a unique, thought leading conference annually on enhancing customer engagements.”

Roberta Matuson
Human Resource Solutions
Northampton, MA

“Roberta Matuson, Northampton, MA is the author of the new book, Suddenly in Charge from Nicholas Brealey Publishing. The CEO of Human Resource Solutions, she provides consulting services to accelerate growth and development in major organizations. She specializes in leadership growth, including hiring, retention, promotion, and succession. She is adept at moving employees beyond compliance to commitment.”

Richard Martin
Alcera Consulting
Notre-Dame-de-l’Ile-Perrot Quebec, Canada

“Rich Martin, Quebec, Canada, CEO of Alcera Consulting, brings his former military and business leadership to executives seeking to exploit and not fear change; maximize opportunities; and minimize risks. He is a gifted coach, speaker, and consultant, and adept at helping client choose the maximum benefit among alternatives within acceptable risk limitations. He conducts business bilingually and with varied constituencies.”

Andrew Miller
ACM Consulting
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Andrew Miller, Toronto, Canada, CEO of ACM Consulting, provides sustainable strategic solutions, consulting, and coaching services to a wide variety of private and public sector clients. He is an expert in supply chain management, procurement procedures, and shared services. He is a certified professional project manager, and has taught these subject at a variety of universities as a visiting professor.”

2012 Inductees

Patrick Daly
Alba Consulting
Dublin, Ireland
+353 1 415 12 52

“Patrick Daly, Managing Director of Alba Consulting in Dublin, Ireland is an expert in supply chain management and rapid, profitable growth. He has worked with top companies Europe, Asia, and the Americas, helping to improve return on capital while reducing risk and complexity. He has consistently presented profound case studies to colleagues to assist in their learning as he acquires new clients and challenges.”

Colleen Francis
Engage Selling Solutions
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Colleen Francis is the founder of Engage Selling Solutions, a global leader in sales improvement with offices in the U.S. and Canada. A superb speaker and trainer, she implements internal accountability systems to perpetuate growth and sustain improvement. She has researched the successful habits of the top ten percent of sales professionals in a wide diversity of fields and has synthesized those techniques into powerful results for her clients.”

Alex Goldfayn
The Technology Tailor, LLC
Buffalo Grove, IL

“Alex Goldfayn, founder of the Chicago-based Evangelist Marketing Institute, and known as “the technology tailor,” is the author of the new book, Evangelist Marketing. A former Chicago Tribune columnist and Fox television personality, he creates exponential growth through compelling language, mining customer insights, and targeted marketing. He enables clients to rapidly create loyal, passionate, and “evergreen” customers, who in turn attract more customers. He builds brands from scratch and turbocharges current brands.”

Wayne McKinnon
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Wayne McKinnon, of Ottawa, is the Information Technology Coach, andhas constantly reinvented his business to alter clients’ evolution by working with their “corporate DNA.” He focuses on improving operational effectiveness, rapidly deploying change, and eliminating internecine strife. His clients cite him for fast, profound work, and he is known for incorporating IT components is a strategic manner to further corporate goals. His approaches are non-conventional and immediately effective.”

Dr. Steven Bleistein
Promise Point
Tokyo, Japan
+81 (0)3-6269-3239

“Dr. Steven Bleistein, CEO of Promise Point, Tokyo. With a doctorate in computer science and a distinguished background in workplace interactions among people, processes, and structure, Steve has travelled the globe in a continual learning quest to better help his clients. His firm works in strategy, performance management and business development.”

Judy Chan
HealthPro Consulting
San Francisco, CA

“Judy Chan, President of HealthPro Consulting, San Francisco. Judy specializes in the turbulent and critical California health field, creating technology strategies that innovatively improve patient care and organizational efficiencies. She is versatile in helping small, medium, and large businesses as well as non-profits in rapidly and effectively implementing new strategies.”

Dr. Bart Sayle
The Breakthrough Group
London England
+44 (0) 20 7229 1838

“Dr. Bart Sayle, CEO of The Breakthrough Group, London and Newport. Bart works with the most senior people in organizations such as Wrigly, Mars, and Wyeth to create innovative strategies and paradigm-breaking new business ventures. A widely-sought speaker, he is co-author of The Blue Train, a unique approach to explosive growth.”

Dan Weedin
Toro Consulting
Poulsbo, WA

“Dan Weedin, CEO, Toro Consulting, Poulsbo, WA. Dan is one of the leaders in insurance sales and performance in the country, working for over a quarter century to minimize risk and maximize operations and performance. Additionally, he is expert in addressing crisis and creating thriving environments out of chaos.”

Scott Wintrip
Wintrip Consulting Group
St. Petersburg, FL

“Scott Wintrip, CEO of Wintrip Consulting Group, St. Petersburg, FL. A renowned consultant and executive coach, Scott helps clients such as Boeing, P&G, Randstad, and Wells Fargo grow in both domestic and international markets. His expertise includes strategy, coaching, recruiting, retention, sales, leadership, and accountability, making him a versatile and highly expert corporate resource.”

2013 Inductees

Rick Pay
Portland, OR

“Known to his clients as “The Sherlock Holmes of Operations and Supply Chain”, Rick helps his clients use innovative approaches to create an express lane from their suppliers to their customers, and his mentees to grow their practices and their personal success.”

Chris Patterson
Jacksonville, FL

“A leader with a burning desire to help others achieve greatness. His team of experts have launched hundreds of successful marketing campaigns, gained national attention, and helped businesses worldwide grow significant revenues.”

Donna Brighton
Brighton Leadership Group
Chicago, IL

“Donna Brighton is a world class expert in organizational culture and change with specialties in mergers and acquisitions, remote working transformations and strategy acceleration. Organizations like Kraft Foods, TD Bank and Lockheed Martin work with her to increase change capacity and help them use change as a competitive advantage. She specializes in developing change ready leaders who can move at the speed of change.”

Scott Beilke
Brighton Leadership Group
Chicago, IL

“Scott Beilke is an expert in change leadership and organizational culture alignment. He has launched, grown, and turned-around companies. Organizations like Guardian Life Insurance, CMMI Institute (a Carnegie Mellon affiliate), and Kraft Foods work with Scott to accelerate their organizations strategy. Scott serves on boards and mentors entrepreneurs and executives. He serves as a mentor for the Executives Club of Chicago, is a Master Mentor in Alan Weiss’s Private Roster Mentor Program, and is President of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals. “

David Waits
Waits Consulting Group, Inc.
Zellwood, FL

“David Waits, an expert in leadership development, is the founder of Orlando based Waits Consulting Group, Inc., a global leader in strategic planning and leadership development. David has worked with clients in all 50 states, and internationally in Canada, the UK, and South Africa. A sought after consultant and speaker, his diverse client list includes Quest Diagnostics, General Dynamics, Lexus, NASA, Major League Baseball, Walt Disney World and numerous other world-class organizations.”

Robbie Kellman Baxter
Peninsula Strategies
Menlo Park, CA

“An expert on market-driven strategy and and thought leader on the Membership Economy, Robbie has advised Netflix, Yahoo and Oracle and a who’s who of Silicon Valley companies. She is a Master Mentor, a graduate of Harvard and Stanford, and a pragmatic colleague, always eager to teach and to learn from those around her. “

Kathy Kingston
Kingston Auction Company
Hampton, NH

“Kathy Kingston, CEO of Kingston Auction Company, Hampton, NH.The pre-eminent expert in fundraising auctions, Kathy has raised millions of dollars across the country. An international award-winning professional auctioneer and consultant, she works with nonprofits, schools, boards of directors and other auctioneers for record-breaking fundraising auctions, education & strategies that dramatically increase donor and board engagement and catapult profits. She is the author of the audio book: Do I Hear A Million? Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits. “

Constance Dierickx
CD Consulting Group
Smyrna, GA

“Constance, The Decision Doctor, works with outstanding leaders to help them achieve unprecedented results. A fearless learner, she continuously enriches herself and clients with knowledge and experience that is constantly refreshed. She marries academic insight with pragmatic approaches to create a novel consulting relationship that clients describe as “priceless.” “

Mark Rodgers
Peak Performance Business Group
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Mark Rodgers, principal partner of the Peak Performance Business Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an expert in persuasion. A best-selling author, award-winning speaker and sought-after consultant, Mark blends cutting-edge psychological research, street-smart approaches and an extraordinary ability to transfer skills to help clients attain critical-mass support for every initiative, every change and every improvement. Mark shows others why your way is best.”

2014 Inductees

Mark Donovan
Mark Donovan & Associates
Dublin, Ireland
086 – 384 0132; 353 86 – 384 0132

“Mark Donovan, founder of Mark Donovan & Associates, a consultancy that helps senior leaders accelerate the implementation of their organizational goals and strategy. He is an expert in change management and culture alignment. He dramatically improves individual, team and organizational performance. Mark’s clients include Liberty Global, Kraft Foods, Aon Consulting, Kuehne & Nagel, Intra-snack and Baxter Healthcare.”

Lisa Anderson
LMA Consulting Group
Claremont, CA

“An expert in bridging the gap between supply chain strategy and execution to dramatically improve service levels, accelerate cash flow and maximize profits. Lisa is known as The Manufacturing Connector™ as she connects the people, processes and systems and aligns them with strategy and the end-to-end supply chain. She has also been recognized as the 16th most influential in supply chain management by SAP.”

Sally Strackbein
Defining Story
Oak Hill, VA

“Sally Strackbein, Defining Story, Oak Hill, VA (Washington, DC) is an expert in authentic communication. Her clients report they communicate their value more quickly, became more memorable which has given them more impact and greater influence. Her unique power is the rare talent to meld information and emotion into compelling communication.Her clients range from solopreners and small business owners to large organizations like the FDIC and World Bank. She has worked with clients all over the US, Canada, and the UK.”

2015 Inductees

Jeffrey Scott
Jeffrey Scott Consulting, Inc.
Trumbull, CT

“Founded in 2008, Jeffrey Scott works with achievement minded landscape business owners who want to transform and profitable grow their business. Our peer group members enjoy and share new ideas, work on efficiency and accountability in a sharing process. After growing his family landscape business into a $10 million enterprise, Jeffrey sold and started his own consulting business, which includes the Leader’s Edge peer groups for Green Industry business owners.”

Val Wright
Val Wright Consulting
South Pasadena, CA

“Top executives at Fortune 1000 companies recognize Val as a global leadership and innovation expert and call her the growth accelerator. Executives say Val is unique because of her compassionate truth telling, fearlessness, and extensive experience working with creative, technical, and business leaders. Now with clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, LinkedIn and DreamWorks Animation, Val unlocks innovation and accelerates growth for executives who are ready to hear what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.”