Never Ending Value, Evergreen Relationships, Lifelong Business

How to create and employ customer and client strategies for continual business with your clients

Consultants believe that the key to building a huge, fulfilling practice is signing six figure deals with every new customer. Just like baseball hitters who only swing for home runs, they also lead the league in strikeouts. The truth is that hitters who simply get on base score more runs.

The fastest path to annuity clients (clients generating strong seven figures during your relationship) begins with five figure deals. The secret is knowing who to target and how to grow your perceived value and, consequently, their business with you.

Join Alan Weiss and Colleen Francis for this unique experience that will totally engage you in:

  • Finding and landing ideal clients which possess huge potential for you
  • Chalking up instant wins to gain credibility
  • Making yourself invaluable with TRF so clients seek you out again and again*
  • Expanding your influence to exponentially grow opportunities within each client unit and site

Using this blueprint, Alan and Colleen have each grown their businesses with a stable of multiple million dollar clients—all of which began with quick wins and expanded. Now, they’ve articulated it for you to apply.

Stop viewing each valuable client interaction as a “make it or break it” pressurized challenge, and start viewing prospects with the relish of their becoming never ending sources of direct and indirect business.

We will use preparatory work, role plays, case studies, and practice with a variety of scenarios to make this a pragmatic, immediately applicable skills building session. Join quickly for this limited attendance experience.

*The Reliance Factor™

Date: February 6-7, 2018
Venue: Marriott, South Beach, Miami (across from the Bacon Bar!)
Duration: 1.5 days
Breakfast and lunch are included first day, breakfast second day

This is a limited attendance event.