The Transatlantic Workshops

October 24-25, 2016
Marriott Marquis
Washington, DC

Presented by Alan Weiss and Matt Kolbusa
Premiered in Munich and Hamburg earlier this year

Workshop #1: The Art and Science of Acquiring $250,000 to $500,000 Projects

Many consultants dream of larger engagements. Despite an avowed passion and a high degree of competence many of us find ourselves incarcerated in the “prisons of our experience,” and thus unable to fulfil our full potential. We fail to generate larger volume, highly profitable projects.

You’ll hear numerous examples to enter high-fee territory. Taking our own experience as the starting point, we’ll describes how to gradually increase project volumes from $50k to $100K, to $200K, to $300K and, finally, even to $500k. What errors were along the way? What were the profits of these projects and what what will they be in future? What erroneous reasoning and attitudes do we have to overcome to achieve this development?
What will you take from the workshop?

  • Industries, companies and situations for high-price assignments – today and tomorrow
  • Suitable and unsuitable issues / positioning for high-price assignments
  • The mindset and attitudes required to acquire high-price assignments
  • Acquisition phases and processes
  • Typical mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Diagnostic tools to clarify assignments
  • The structuring of various options
  • Numerous illustrative situations and contracts

Who is this one-day seminar suitable for?

  • Consultants who already have experience in acquiring projects valued at between $50K and $100K
  • People who have already gained experience with value-based fees and now want to go full-throttle
  • Consultants who are open to positioning themselves in fields which may be new to them

We tire ourselves out working on too many small projects, failing to achieve the overall sum which we are capable of earning. It’s time to tear down the walls of these prisons of experience!

Workshop 2:  Deliver Six to Ten $250K to $500K Projects Alone Simultaneously!

Acquiring high-price assignments is one thing, but then carrying them out so skillfully that you experience a minimum of stress yourself and require no sub-contractors while simultaneously generate highly satisfied clients is another. It is a fine art!

What are the principles in this regard? How can six or more of these high-price assignments be managed simultaneously without getting completely bogged down in stress and work? How can you stay in the flow, while enjoying to the full the passion and pleasure of making clients successful?

Following up on the first day (see above), we’ll show how not to get lost in the theory but instead apply pragmatic mechanisms and principles which developed for precisely this seemingly impossible purpose.
What will you take with you from the workshop?

  • Attitudes and negotiation skills when clarifying assignments
  • Typical flows and structuring for 6- to 18-month long, high-price assignments
  • Attitudes and working principles when carrying out projects
  • Techniques to develop the required attitude
  • Essential contract elements
  • Educating the client to be reliable, dependable and consistent
  • How to handle difficult project participants
  • The principles of 100% results orientation
  • Generating valued side effects

Who is this one-day seminar suitable for?

  • Consultants who already have experience in acquiring and carrying out projects valued at between $50K and above.

Alan Weiss, of course, is the “rock star of consulting,” an icon with over 60 books, a worldwide consulting community, who has worked with over 200 Fortune 500 clients and has coached thousands of executives and entrepreneurs.

Matthias Kolbusa is one of the world’s most successful consultants and a long-time member of Alan’ communities. He learned his trade as a partner at large consulting company before becoming self-employed in 1999. This was followed by the development of his own company, employing some 40 consultants and achieving millions of dollars of revenues. In 2007 poor profitability and dissatisfied clients led Matthias to change the business model—today he works alone, achieving an annual turnover in the region of over $2 million, with virtually no overhead!

Alan and Matt pioneered these workshops in Europe and are presenting them for the first time in the U.S. Join them for a day or two which can change your lives.


Until July 15
Workshop 1: $750
Workshop 2: $750
Both Workshops: $1,200

July 16 and later
Workshop 1: $950
Workshop 2: $950
Both Workshops: $1,600

IMC and SAC members may take a 15% discount off any fee.