Thrive! Stop wishing your life away

By Alan Weiss, PhD

I’m not one of these authors who wants you to go into bookstores and place the book in a better position on the shelf, or go to Amazon and artificially stimulate sales when I offer you 78 free articles, checklists, and a toothbrush!

I just want to offer you a great deal on a book I’m very proud of. Here’s what I mean:

  • Thrive! tells you how to recognize the baggage that weighs you down and how to throw it off the darned train.
  • You’ll learn how to stop wasting time on wishing you had done something and focus on doing it.
  • Understand and apply personal accountability to reach your goals with less stress, anxiety, and “beating yourself up.”
  • Identify and destroy misconceptions about who you are and what you can do.
  • Simply get rid of fear of failure, which undermines talent and drowns abilities.
  • Examine your life with a different lens and see some hidden aspects.
  • Don’t be afraid to adopt a “healthy selfishness.”
  • Avoid the deadly quicksand of “victimology” and move from trying to survive to easily thriving.
  • Apply the five factors that enable you to master your fate.
  • Stop pursuing a bigger boat, and find one that makes sense for you—end the treadmill of competition on others’ equipment,
  • Differentiate between constructive help and the feedback pinball machine.
  • There are even “Books to Thrive” in the appendix, and not one is a “motivational” book!

There are very few “war stories” here, because everyone’s circumstances are different, and what I did in a given situation may not be possible or appropriate for you. But there are hundreds of techniques, processes, and approaches here that anyone can apply now, immediately, effectively.

Thrive! is 235 pages, hard cover, with no promotions, no complex tests, no labels. It’s simply my best effort to synthesize what I’ve seen people do for themselves to increase their well being, relationships, prosperity, and, yes, health.

It even has my picture on the cover (I’ve always wanted to do that). What more can you ask?

$35 plus shipping and handling. (We’ll ship as soon as the printer delivers the first press run.)

AND you get to start to Thrive! that much earlier!!

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Las Brisas Research Press
(235 pages, hardcover)