The Self-Esteem Workshop
April 3, 2018
Self Esteem will be a full day in Washington, DC on April 3 and an optional morning on April 4. It will be different from my three or four prior workshops on the subject, mainly because I’m much smarter now than then.
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Threescore and More Teleconference
April 12, 2018
If you are over 50, or will some day be over 50, you need to hear directly from Alan—at the top of his game at 71—how you can increase your control, influence, and effectiveness daily.
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Million Dollar Consulting® Convention 2018
April 18-20, 2018
This is the sole consulting/coaching/expert gathering of its kind in the world of this stature. In 2017, people from ten countries attended and we've had a total of 17 countries represented in the first three events, not counting California.
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Speaking With Alan
April 24-25, 2018
This is an opportunity to do in 2.5 days what takes most people most of a year: Create, practice (live and on video), and plan to market a speech. That includes content, examples, fees, stage mechanics, potential buyers, the works. We do that in the comfort of my home with a professional videographer making DVDs you can keep. There are never more than six people.
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Alans Weiss’s Threescore and More Experience
May 8-9, 2018
If you’re over 50, or planning to be over 50, you will receive an immense amount of value from my new offering based on my new book, Threescore and More: Applying the Assets of Maturity, Wisdom, and Experience for Personal and Professional Success.
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An Alan Weiss Teleconference on Religion
May 10, 2018
Religion is the belief and worship of a deity which/who holds superhuman powers. It has been a great healer and a cause of war. It has generated profound works and revealed the hypocrisy of mere mortals. In this teleconference I’ll discuss if and why religion matters. There will be zero attempt to convert, cajole, or convince!
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Alan Weiss’s International Super Best Practices Experience
May 16, 2018 & November 14, 2018
I’m presenting a new experience—not even previously delivered in the US—for consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators, and other entrepreneurs (including boutique firm owners) who are seeking to adapt and build on the best practices I’ve observed (and created) globally.
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The Master Class Workshop
June 26-28, 2018
This is a new and unique offering for graduates of the Million Dollar Consulting® College (others may be admitted at my discretion). It is limited to 12 participants and will be held at Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI on June 26-28, 2018. Consider it the PhD program in your business and life.
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Never Ending Value: Sales strategies to build a seven-figure practice with evergreen clients
Sept. 13-14, 2018
In this workshop, Alan and Colleen will arm you with the precise sales and account management strategies you need to identify, win and maintain these evergreen clients.
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2018 Thought Leadership Ninth Annual Conference
Oct 17-19, 2018
Where else on earth can you attend an intimate meeting and discussion, and have dinner, with luminaries such as these year after year? Start participating in THE annual thought leadership event, hosted by another global thought leader, Alan Weiss.
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Alan Weiss's Livestream Experiences 2018
The Livestream Success Experience will take place monthly with the exception of July and August. There will be preparatory work sent electronically. All sessions are recorded for continual use. These two series will be on the same dates monthly, below, starting at 11 am and 12:30 pm.
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Alan's Million Dollar Consulting® Growth Access
I'm offering—for the first time ever—access to my vast body of work: video, audio, workshop downloads, and print.
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Supercharged Coaching (KAATN)
Whereas mentoring is reactive with the onus on the person being mentored to initiate contact, coaching is proactive, based on developmental needs, metrics for improvement, and timelines for accomplishment. I've engaged in such “affirmative” coaching with executives in Allergan, Calgon, Merck, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Mercedes, American Institute of Architects, New York Times, and State Street Bank, just to name a few of hundreds of client organizations.
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