The Master Class Workshop
This is a new and unique offering for graduates of the Million Dollar Consulting® College (others may be admitted at my discretion). It is limited to 20 participants and will be held at Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI on June 21-23. Consider it the PhD program in your business and life.
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Alan's LiveStream Workshops
For the first time ever, you’ll be able to participate in Live Stream workshop experiences with Alan Weiss from the comfort of your own home or office. Over the course of 2017, there will be six different growth experiences offered via Live Stream.
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Maverick Monthly - Join the Maverick Mob
Due to the tremendous success of Million Dollar Maverick I've had requests to expand upon the concepts. I've decided to make this my next subscription series. I'm forming a new community around it which I'm calling the "Maverick Mob." I’ll be producing a twice-monthly video of five minutes each which will explore the topics you see below. You can retain these, replay them, and rapidly accelerate your progress in Maverick performance.
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Alan's Million Dollar Consulting® Growth Access
I'm offering—for the first time ever—access to my vast body of work: video, audio, workshop downloads, and print.
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Alan's Nantucket
Date: Jun or Sep, 2017
Take the fast ferry, auto ferry, or plane to Nantucket. Opening reception on June 5, September 11. All meals are included. We officially end with lunch on June 8 or September 14, but anyone who wants to stay is invited to discussions, events, and dinner that evening. Lodging is included.
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2017 Thought Leadership Eighth Annual Conference
Date: Oct. 4-6, 2017
Where else on earth can you attend an intimate meeting and discussion, and have dinner, with luminaries such as these year after year? Start participating in THE annual thought leadership event, hosted by another global thought leader, Alan Weiss.
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Speaking With Alan
Date: Schedule as requested
This is an opportunity to do in 2.5 days what takes most people most of a year: Create, practice (live and on video), and plan to market a speech. That includes content, examples, fees, stage mechanics, potential buyers, the works. We do that in the comfort of my home with a professional videographer making DVDs you can keep. There are never more than six people.
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Supercharged Coaching (KAATN)
Whereas mentoring is reactive with the onus on the person being mentored to initiate contact, coaching is proactive, based on developmental needs, metrics for improvement, and timelines for accomplishment. I've engaged in such “affirmative” coaching with executives in Allergan, Calgon, Merck, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Mercedes, American Institute of Architects, New York Times, and State Street Bank, just to name a few of hundreds of client organizations.
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