2018 Thought Leadership Ninth Annual Conference

Date: October 17-19, 2018
Location: The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL


  • Rapidly move to widely acknowledged leadership in the areas you identify.
  • Expand and enlarge those areas to the maximum degree.
  • Become the “go to” person who can’t be ignored and must be approached.
  • Create “mega-gravity” where people are forced into your orbit.
  • Increase your fees, increase your leads, decrease your labor intensity.
  • Create a life that blends your talents, personal needs, and professional repute.

In this ninth, annual session, we will continue to push the envelope to expand our expertise, broadcast that expertise, and become the “go-to” person in our area of excellence. Development will include:

  • Personal requests for development.
  • Analysis of current thought leadership in your field and how to surpass it.
  • “Hot seat” interviews.
  • An intimate session, interaction, and meal with Charlene Li.
  • Methods in becoming an “object of interest.”
  • Interactions with colleagues in thought leadership from around the world.
  • Elegant dinners (lodging, breakfast, and lunch are included in the fee).
  • A “retreat environment” at one of the great properties in the world
  • Practice in debate and influence.
  • Action plan and accountability influences to continue the ascent.
  • A book outline created, whether your first or twenty-first.


Growth Cycle discounts honored. Alan, Buddy, and Bentley Cards honored. Full credits for cancellation up to two weeks prior to the event (through Oct. 20). After that fees are forfeit.
Lodging, breakfast, lunch, and the opening dinner is included in this program.

Interesting Reading

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Special Guest: Charlene Li

Charlene LiCharlene Li is a principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company. As one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies, Li’s deep knowledge of leadership, strategy, interactive media, and marketing makes her an indispensable ally in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

Li was the founder and CEO of Altimeter Group prior to its joining Prophet, and she is the author of the New York Times best seller, Open Leadership. She is also the coauthor of the critically acclaimed, best-selling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business books in 2008. Her most recent book, The Engaged Leader, is a call to business leaders to adapt to the digital landscape, and revolutionize their relationships by connecting directly with their followers.

Li is frequently quoted by leading media channels such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Reuters and The Associated Press. She has shared her insights on 60 Minutes, The McNeil NewsHour, ABC News, CNN and CNBC. A highly sought-after public speaker, Li has inspired a wide audience as the keynote at conferences such as the World Business Forum, World Economic Forum, American Society of Association Executives, South by Southwest and Web 2.0.

Li is a graduate of Harvard Business School and received a magna cum laude degree from Harvard College.




Accolades from the past participants

“For me, Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Symposium was transformative. I came away a different person in terms of attitude, clarity, and focus for my business. This experience is like obtaining a Ph.D. in your own business – in only three days. It was an intense, focused, mentally challenging, and introspective journey actively led by Alan, who also provided ample one-on-one time. Each day brought profound insights, new understanding, and personal as well as professional breakthroughs. Not only did Alan teach by example, he provided another thought leader role model by inviting Marshall Goldsmith to join us. For those seeking a rigorous, intellectually challenging experience that will profoundly change the way you view yourself and your business and enable you to become the dominate person in your area of expertise, you cannot afford to miss Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Symposium.”

Pat Lynch, Ph.D.
President, Business Alignment Strategies, Inc.

“Thanks for a brilliant experience at Thought Leadership. I came in with some vague ideas and general desire and left with clarity about the field in which I can focus my thought leadership efforts, who my constituency is, and a plan for how to get there and commitment to the next steps. It was a very worthwhile experience that will accelerate my business growth.”

Stephen Billing
Exponential Consulting Ltd

“Thank you again for an invaluable and powerful three days. Extraordinary on so many levels. Thought Leadership combines mind stretching concepts with practical application in an environment that provokes, challenges, stimulates, expands and ultimately empowers. I arrived hopeful but uncertain. I left confident and clear. With a plan to follow and the support to make it happen.”

Charles Day
Looking Glass Consultancy

“Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Workshop is the space shuttle that has launched my consulting business. He created new intellectual property (IP) that was customized and tailored for me and my business, along with a plan on how to implement immediately. This will rapidly accelerate my recognition as the thought leader in my field.”

William J. Corbett
Corbett Business Consulting

“Thought Leadership is an experience only for those who want to see the big picture and want to step up to the top of the mountain of thought leadership. Alan, through TL, showed me how to see the bigger picture and how to enhance my intellectual property as the thought leader for successful solo and small firm lawyers. While TL may result in increased revenue, this experience was not about revenue production, but rather positioning in the industry. The work was strenuous, but my growth was stupendous. My expectation is that Alan’s future personal involvement will multiply my ROI many fold more as the year progresses.”

Ed Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC
LawBiz Management

“Alan Weiss is a world leader in providing thought leadership development for successful consultants. Working with Alan has exposed me to rare and unique experiences including being coached by Marshall Goldsmith, getting great advice from fellow global consultants, and having Alan himself challenge my thinking, guide my business strategies and accelerate my speed to success. Phenomenal!”

Phil Symchych
Symco & Co.

“Participating in Thought Leadership has given me the laser focus, tools and deep resources to radically change the future of my career and business. I’m sending out a press release on my participation at TL. Thanks for an ideal event!”

Michelle Randall
Enriching Leadership International

“Your first-ever thought leadership symposium left me raging hot to enable successful women to become thought leaders. As you always do, you inspired, cajoled and encouraged, never missing a beat. Best of all: You gave us the mindset, thought processes, and precision tools to each become a thought leader in our field of expertise. Thank you for the mind-bending experience!”

Roberta Guise, MBA
Guise Marketing & PR

“How am I better off having attended Thought Leadership? First, I met a truly inspiring bunch of people. Second, I came away with a very clear picture of my Thought Leader constituency, who I am going to help. Third, I have a clear plan on how to reach them. But most importantly I left knowing that, hey! I can do this stuff! Thanks for a tremendous three days.”

Stephen Hay
People and Process