Alans Weiss’s Threescore and More Experience

If you’re over 50, or planning to be over 50, you will receive an immense amount of value from my new offering based on my new book, Threescore and More: Applying the Assets of Maturity, Wisdom, and Experience for Personal and Professional Success.

For a half-day, we’ll talk about how to increase your power as you age, not surrender it (or have it taken away). One of the last “tolerated biases” in our society is ageism. Yet as people age they acquire maturity, judgment, and perspective that are vital to almost any career.

I’ll be using contemporary examples from around the world, plus exercises, and guidelines to help you increase your power interpersonally, professionally, and emotionally.

And we’ll spend some time “riffing” on techniques I’ve specifically developed to enhance my influence as I’ve aged. (Marshall Goldsmith and I are both “circling 70” and our book, Lifestorming, has been a tremendous hit. Realizing how much we’re both on top of our games led me to Threescore.)

If you purchase 11-25 copies of the book pre-publication or post-publication (send me the receipt) you may attend this event for free!

Otherwise, you can attend for only $350. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your dog. Where else can you get this kind of advice on how to stay on top, not be “over the hill” but be owning the hill.
Considered it “assisted living LARGE.”

May 8, 9 to noon, Boston (exact venue to be announced).