Have You Outgrown Your Brand?

Lobsters molt in order to grow. They have to get rid of their external skeleton (shell) to allow room for growth. They’re vulnerable during that period, but there is no choice.

Many of you are refusing a “brand molt”! You’ve been known as:

  • The inventory expert
  • The sales authority
  • A change management consultant
  • A financial resource
  • An IT implementer
  • A (vague) “coach”
  • A trainer

You get the idea. Your past success has calcified, like a shell around you, and you’ve not bothered to break out of it. Therefore, you’ve been unsuccessful (or unconscious) about expanding your market, increasing your fees, and leveraging your experience.

You’ve outgrown your brand!

Join me for an hour that will change your life. I’ll help you to redefine and broaden what your brand ought to be, how you should be viewed and perceived, and what you should do—specifically—to foster those changes immediately.

Call it a speed molt.

Can you really afford not to consider this? Even a hermit crab’s pea brain is sufficient to tell it to go find another shell, the current one is beginning to pinch.

You’re smarter than a hermit crab. (Right?)

They’ve found lobsters over 80 pounds estimated at 100 years old. No one knows how long a lobster actually can live. That’s because they can enjoy a very fine life if they keep jettisoning a shell they’re outgrowing.

What about you?


Date: July 6 (Independence Day week)
Time: 11 am eastern US time
Fee: $350 (If you feel that’s a lot of money for this breakthrough, you’re viewing this through a very tough shell already)

Note: This will NOT be sold as a product. There will be only this one teleconference with a recording send to participants.