Ghost Writing by Michael Levin

I’m pleased to offer once again ghost writing services by one of the premier writers in the country. His offerings to my community are below.

All fees include planning the book specifically with Michael, interviews and chapters drafted by a BusinessGhost writer with appropriate subject matter experience; and then the book is edited, designed, published, and put up on Amazon and, with 100 copies of the book to the author.

For a book of up to 65 pages, $19,500.

For a book of up to 100 pages, $24,500.

For a book of up to 150 pages, $29,500.

For a book of up to 200 pages, $34,500.

For a book of up to 250 pages, $39,500.

We can also do a 50-page e-book for $14,500, which can be upgraded to a longer book down the road.

Test Drive option: If the client would like to go through the planning process and the creation of the first two chapters, to see if working with us is right for him or her, we will do that for a fee of $4,500, which will be applied to the overall project fee should the client decide to go further.