Alan Weiss’s Livestream Experiences 2018

I. The Genesis of the Sale Series

(Approximately one hour, 11 am Eastern)

1. Finding the Economic Buyer

  • How to qualify a lead
  • How to penetrate ambiguous answers
  • How to run through and around those “tasked” to get quotes
  • How to evaluate the business potential

2. Preparing for the Initial Meeting

  • How to determine and find what you need to know about the prospect
  • How to prepare the prospect
  • How to mentally prepare and visualize
  • How to conduct yourself and enter the office

3. The First Meeting: Part One

  • How to create a trusting relationship and the metrics to apply
  • How to raise key issues
  • How to pivot to the need for a proposal
  • How to establish you’re the expert resource needed

4. The First Meeting: Part Two

  • How to elicit conceptual agreement (objectives, metrics, value)
  • How to overcome buyer uncertainty or reluctance to become specific
  • How to elicit monetized value to create dramatic ROI
  • How to create monetized value for dramatic ROI

5. Pouring Concrete

  • How to establish your approach as a priority
  • How to deal with money and time objections
  • How to ensure proper evaluation of your proposal
  • How to be certain there will be short-term follow-up contact

6. Preparing the Proposal

  • How to position and state objectives, metrics, value
  • How to compose the entire proposal in 2.5 pages
  • How to generate exciting options that escalate the sale
  • How to set fees to create maximum income

7. Following Up on the Proposal

  • How to guarantee the discussion takes place
  • How to deal with and defray requests to involve others
  • How to focus an indecisive buyer
  • How to deal with qualified commitment (delayed start, etc.)

8. Sealing the Deal

  • How to obtain the first payment or total fee
  • How to appear to act immediately
  • How to maintain buyer contact
  • How to create enthusiasm and energy

9. Launch, Management, and Disengagement/Re-engagement

  • How to find champions
  • How to provide THE key piece of caution to your buyer
  • How to maintain low labor
  • How to debrief and eventually disengage or re-engage

10. Advisory Work

  • How to position as an option
  • How to perform solely advisory work
  • How to provide advisory options
  • How to transition former and present clients

II. Exponential Business Growth Series

(Approximately one hour, 12:30 pm Eastern)

1. Weekly referrals that lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • The “ask” script
  • Avoiding the intermediary and gaining direct introductions
  • The low labor management system
  • The oxymoron: eliciting unsolicited referrals

2. Repeat business through alluring value

  • Cashing the “second check” (ongoing business)
  • The difference between repeat business and continuing business
  • Identifying and exploiting opportunities in the client’s best interests
  • How to become the organization’s hero

3. Enlisting in the right services

  • Becoming a patron in the community
  • Developing social gravitas
  • Working with the right clubs and groups
  • Becoming a local leader

4. Developing parachute and war stories

  • How to create them with power and pith
  • When and how to introduce them
  • The key details which make them dramatic
  • Inserting them in answers to questions

5. Luring back past clients

  • A client is a client: CPR for those you thought dead
  • Creating evangelism that would make St. Paul blush
  • Using personnel change as leverage
  • Introducing new value

6. Synergizing the two types of value

  • Eliciting perceived value from the buyer
  • Introducing your generic value in a powerful manner
  • Finding unperceived value within the proposed project
  • Ensuring that personal, buyer value is maximized

7. Masterful advisory work

  • Changing your positioning to focus on advisory work solely
  • Emphasizing expertise and advice
  • Avoiding a buyer (and your) focus on quantity
  • Making a million in advisory work with a handful of clients

8. Building and sustaining a powerful brand

  • Evaluating building or changing your brand
  • Maximizing your brand power (heft)
  • Shameless brand promotion (reach)
  • The case for multiple brands beyond your name

9. Becoming the thought leader

  • What others must perceive to view you as the thought leader
  • The evolution required to maintain the status
  • Exploiting the power of the position
  • Creating profundity

10. Attaining icon status

  • How to recognize the opportunity
  • Using your power for good
  • Creating your personal space
  • Legacy

The Livestream Success Experience will take place monthly with the exception of July and August. There will be preparatory work sent electronically. All sessions are recorded for continual use. These two series will be on the same dates monthly, below, starting at 11 am and 12:30 pm, respectively:

Jan. 29
Feb. 19
March 29
April 26
May 21
June 18
Sept. 17
Oct. 29
Nov. 19
Dec. 10

Viewer questions are welcomed during the sessions and may also be submitted in advance. The sessions are mobile platform friendly.

The fee is:

Per series:
$125 per session
$1,000 for the year

For both complete series:
$1,600 for the year, total

I am accepting audience members to participate live, write me for information.