Million Dollar Consulting® Book Publishing

Self-publishing is appropriate and effective for certain, targeted circumstances:

  • Exploiting a market niche
  • Creating new intellectual property
  • Viral marketing
  • Capitalizing on prior commercial publishing
  • Maximizing product sales
  • Creating unique client products
  • Flexibility in delivery

I have both commercially published and self-published with considerable success (32 books in 9 languages). I have commercially published with co-authors (The Innovation Formula with Mike Robert, The Power of Strategic Commitment with Josh Leiber and Gershon Mader, The Global Consultant with Omar Kahn, The Talent Advantagewith Nancy MacKay).

However, I’ve found a significant number of people who have passionate and legitimate reasons to self-publish for the purposes I’ve mentioned above. I haven’t been able to provide much help before, and I’ve considered this to be an area I should support.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve formed an alliance with veteran, gifted writer Michael Levin, whose credentials include:

  • Nine national best-sellers, including a New York Times best seller, Making Jack Falcone, with FBI agent Joaquin Garcia, featured on 60 Minutes and soon to be a motion picture from Paramount, directed by Steven Soderbergh.
  • More than 90 published books, including works with Simon & Schuster, Random House, Beacon Press, Penguin/Putnam, St. Martin’s Press, and other top houses.
  • Outstanding reviews in Newsweek, People, The New Yorker, Esquire, The New York Times (daily and Sunday), the Washington Post, and other outlets across the country.
  • Published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CBS News, The Boston Globe, and many other top outlets.
  • Columbia Law School-trained attorney and (non-practicing) member of the Massachusetts bar. (I have forgiven him for that.)


We’re offering two options for prospective authors:
Soft cover or hard cover book of about 175 pages (customary double-spaced manuscript pages) or less, including graphics and art work that you supply.

Option A: You provide detailed notes, research, and textual material that can be utilized for the content. (Minimal interviewing and research on our part.) $35,000
Option B: Michael’s team interviews you to painless extract the information from you for the book.   (A great deal of interviewing and research on our part.) $45,000

Longer books will receive specific quotes for fees.

Here is what will result:

  • You become an author without necessarily having to write a single word
  • A book that may require as little as an hour a week in interview time, for 10-12 weeks, plus editing/revising
  • You become an author in 6-to-9 months (if you keep your appointments, of course)
  • A clearer definition of the market you’re selling into (or what market you’d like to move into!)
  • A clearer structure of your process for improving your clients’ condition, which becomes the organizing principle for the book
  • Your name alone on the book-no coauthor, because the ideas are expressed in your tone and “voice”
  • Dramatic marketing language that becomes the core marketing message of your business or practice, which you can also use on your website and printed marketing materials
  • As an author, you shorten your sales cycle-people are trying to get on your schedule instead of the other way around
  • Now you can get more speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, and a presence on the Internet beyond your own website, because you’re a published author
  • A unique, proprietary strategy that makes people want to pay attention to you before they’ve even opened your book
  • Formalization of your intellectual property (some of which may surprise YOU!)

We also include, as an option, full support and advice for graphics, jacket, testimonials, formatting, printing (e.g., on demand, inventory, E-book, hard cover, etc.) and all related issue.
You know me. Here’s what clients say about Michael:

“To my coauthor, Michael Levin. You’ve been the consummate teammate through the whole process of writing this book. You’ve been great to work with from the very first outline and title selection. From the beginning your love and knowledge of the game shone through, hence our ideas flourished and our exchange of ideas was always lively. I’d say my 2006 first-round draft pick for a coauthor was an extremely successful one.”

Dave Winfield, Baseball Hall of Fame
Author of Dropping the Ball, published by Scribner, 2007, written with Michael Levin

“Michael Levin is the very best! Professional, fast, extremely detailed…and he gets it! We had a wonderful experience co-writing our very first book with him and we wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing to hire a ghostwriter. With Michael, you can’t go wrong!”

Jackie Christie and 14-year NBA star Doug Christie

“Michael is an outstanding writer and a good guy to work with. He enhanced the outreach and work of Operation HOPE. I definitely recommend him.”

John Hope Bryant
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Operation HOPE, Inc.

“The idea of writing my own memoirs is intimidating and lonely. Finding Michael Levin took away my fear. I knew he would be able to take my jumbled, rambling thoughts and craft them into a cohesive, clear message on our first sit-down. His style of asking questions and probing deeper on each subsequent interview allowed me to grow into a comfort zone that elicited the most intimate details from my crazy life. Michael’s vast experience turned what I had dreaded doing into a truly happy task.”

Bree Walker
Top news anchor, talk radio host, & spokeswoman for the disability rights movement.

“Michael Levin is a discerning-and kind-writing coach who has won consistent plaudits from the many persons I’ve sent his way.”

Bestselling author Scott Turow

“Michael Levin shows writers exactly what they need to do to avoid rejection and find agents and publishers. I highly recommend him.”

Dan Poynter
author of The Self-Publishing Manual

“Michael Levin is simply marvelous! I’ve learned so much from working with him!”

Patricia Aburdene
Best-selling author, Reinventing the Corporation and Megatrends For Women

“I’ve read dozens of “how to” books on fiction writing and spent thousands of dollars on writing courses, but it wasn’t until I began working with Michael that I learned how to tell a fast-paced, gripping story that readers can’t put down. Without a doubt, he deserves part of the credit for my two-book deal!”

Pamela Samuels
two book deal with Publishing, Inc.

I oversee the entire process, am available for consultation, and will offer ideas as you and Michael proceed through the project together. I’m the strategist, he’s the tactician. You’re the beneficiary of unique, rare, and powerful support in creating your book.