Million Dollar Consulting® Fourth Annual Convention

Boston, April 18-20, 2018

Hilton Hotel, Logan Airport

This is the sole consulting/coaching/expert gathering of its kind in the world of this stature. In 2017, people from ten countries attended and we’ve had a total of 17 countries represented in the first three events, not counting California.

How impressive is the quality and content of the meeting? How’s this: While at the 2017 meeting in Chicago, over 50% of everyone present signed up on the spot for Boston in 2018 and paid in advance to secure their place!

I’ll explain more details as we progress, but the current plan is to have four plenary sessions, 12 concurrent sessions, a networking cocktail reception, networking lunches, and more intimate sessions with a variety of experts in their fields.

Over the past three years my special guests have included Marty Seligman (Learned Optimism), Marshall Goldsmith (Triggers, Lifestorming), and Jonah Berger (Invisible Influence, Contagious). There will be similar world class talent next year, since my guests at other experiences I host have included Dan Pink, James Carville, Bob Cialdini, and Dan Gilbert, to name a few.

We’ll be focusing on a great many things, including:

  • Dramatic, short-term business growth.
  • Building a strong brand and visibility as an expert.
  • Passive and remote income.
  • Decreasing labor intensity and creating better balance.
  • Creating dramatic, provocative intellectual property.
  • Both commercial and self-publishing opportunities.
  • Raising fees and amounts of business in current clients.

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