Never Ending Value:
Sales strategies to build a seven-figure practice with evergreen clients

September 13-14, 2018

The fastest way to grow your business is to develop a stable of high potential clients that work with you year in and year out. In this workshop, Alan and Colleen will arm you with the precise sales and account management strategies you need to identify, win and maintain these evergreen clients.

Be forewarned: you will be pushed out of your comfort zone with a series of small team discussions, role plays, hot seats, and homework assignments to identify:

  • Current evergreen client potential
  • Prospective evergreen client potential
  • Their strengths in creating evergreen clients
  • Obstacles to be overcome

You will emerge from this experience with:

  • The ability to explore long-term relationships at the outset of the engagement.
  • Tools and techniques to demonstrate to a buyer why and how to continue the relationship.
  • The application of advisory roles to strengthen and lengthen engagements.
  • A plan to involve significant other stakeholders at all stages of projects and discussions.
  • The exact language to use to create buyer acceptance of continuing and expanded work.
  • The methods to establish an atmosphere of long-term involvement from the outset.

Alan and Colleen will demonstrate how to handle each aspect of the discussions and model the language yourselves. We encourage recording of the session. The second afternoon will feature specific role plays geared toward existing clients and prospects to provide you a pragmatic leap into the real world for immediate ROI.



Now to April 30: $3,500
May 1 to June 30: $3,900
July 1 and beyond: $4,500

Growth Cycle discounts apply. If you own an Alan, Bentley or Buddy Card, you will receive a 50% credit on your card based on the fee you pay. For example, if you register and pay $3,500, you’ll receive a credit of $1,750 on your card for future use.

We will provide a buffet breakfast and lunch. Dinner is on your own and you may stay wherever you please. The venue will be the Palace Hotel in New York City. The program is 9 to 4 both days.


BONUS: The first ten people to register can have dinner with Alan or Colleen, five with each, and we’ll pull the names out of a hat to see who goes with whom.

AND: If you attended the first session, you can take 10% off whatever final fee you pay for this one. We intend to present substantial additional content based on our experience with the first session and the extended time frame.


Alan Weiss and Colleen Francis each offer impressive sales knowledge. Combined, they are nothing short of formidable. I recommend the evergreen class for people who want to build their businesses in dramatic ways.

Linda D. Henman, PhD
The Decision Catalyst™
Chesterfield, MO

Wonderful workshop – eye opening, practical, relevant. I highly recommend it. I got some great insights into how to build stronger relationships and deliver even more value for my clients.

Corrie Shanahan
CEO The Beara Group
Washington, D.C.