Shameless Meets Social

How to leverage social media to grow dramatically with less labor

Alan Weiss and Lisa Larter have created a unique, synergistic experience to leverage Alan’s Shameless Marketing with Lisa’s Stellar Social Media strategies.

Lisa Larter and Alan Weiss

The content:

  • How to “live” in a shameless social media mindset. Do you really think about “going on to the electrical grid” every time you turn on the toaster? Why would social media marketing be any different?
  • How to easily create a one-minute shameless Facebook live stream video that you can use over and over again on any platform. And you’ll do it with us and your colleagues after we demonstrate it.
  • How to create dramatic IP quickly and daily, and shamelessly promote it on social media to accelerate business growth
  • Five shameless strategies you probably haven’t considered using on social media to elevate your brand immediately.
  • How to turn lukewarm leads into hot pursuit on Linkedin.
  • Two things you absolutely need to do on LinkedIn on a regular basis to be heard above the noise.
  • One simple ninja trick for rapidly increasing your visibility on your Facebook page (do not try this by yourself until you’ve had our guidance).
  • Two pieces of code your website MUST have to put your content in front of the right people. (We needed to include something to keep IT folks happy—they have money, too.)
  • Rewrite your social media bios so they are absolutely compelling and remarkable.
  • Three ways you can rally influencers and create evangelism.
  • Daily hot seat coaching on one social media channel of your choice.

There’s a lot more, but how valuable is that list alone? Well, you’d make up our extremely reasonable fee for the experience within the week.

Plus, Lisa’s team will provide you with an individual 12-point shameless evaluation and scorecard designed to show you where your biggest opportunities are on Social Media, and Alan will review any one of your videos, already created or to be created, with personal feedback on style and substance.

Date: March 13-14, 2018 Limited attendance!

Venue: Naples, Florida

Fee: $5,000. If you enroll by September 30, you’ll receive a 20% discount. Preparatory work will be sent 30 days before the program.
Sorry that in these partnerships we can’t accept Alan Cards, but card holders will be given a 20% discount.