Shameless Promotion

Date: January 27-28, 2016

A great many people have the talent and the drive to build a major business, but they are unable or unwilling to boldly promote their value to prospective clients and customers.

In response, to help you set up brilliant marketing and escape the “best kept secret” cave, I’ve created Shameless Promotion.

This is a two-day, total immersion process that takes place in my home FOR NO MORE THAN SIX PEOPLE AT A TIME. I can run the program one-on-one if you prefer highly personalized attention, or with a total of two, three, four, five or six if you prefer to acquire like-minded colleagues who will become your accountability partners and ongoing support system. I do not create “stranger groups” for this very sensitive program, so you must come to me with your colleagues already chosen, or you may ask me for suggestions. But you make the choice.

We will deal with “plugged-in” (web-based) and “unplugged” (any format) promotion, and their overlap. You will actually design approaches while we are together, have them critiqued, and finalize what you plan to do.

Here is an example of the content focus:

Day One: Plugged-in Focus

  • Creating a value proposition and placement on the web site
  • Creating typical client results and positioning
  • Creating typical case studies and positioning
  • Creating a dynamic biographical sketch
  • Creating two position papers and template
  • Obtaining and positioning client testimonials, print and other media
  • Creation/improvement of a blog philosophy and game plan

Day Two: Unplugged Focus

  • Creation of a press release and template
  • Creation of a physical press kit
  • Practice creating a podcast
  • Creating audio and video recordings and use
  • Promoting speaking, including intro to bureau heads
  • Newsletter creation/improvement
  • Game plan to manifest thought leadership and create IP

Your lodging and local transportation are included in the fee, as are all meals, including two outstanding dinners at my favorite restaurants.
The investment is unique, and depends on how personalized you wish the process:

The total fee is $24,000. One person would pay $24,000; two would pay $12,000 each, three would pay $8,000 each; four would pay $6,000 each; five would pay $4,800 each; six would pay $4,000 each. As mentioned, compatibility would be a key, and I’d accept only an individual or a group, but I wouldn’t attempt to assemble “stranger groups.”
There is extensive preparatory work. The experience is scheduled around the participant’s availability.

You will emerge with actions begun and readily continued to dominate in your market and create irresistible marketing gravity.

Interested? click here to contact Alan directly.