Speaking With Alan

Date: April 24-25, 2018
Location: East Greenwich, RI

Speaking With Alan, the 2.5-day experience at my home in which no more than six people create, practice, and develop a marketing plan for one or more speeches. It is at least six months’ of work in a half-week.

This is an opportunity to do in 2.5 days what takes most people most of a year: Create, practice (live and on video), and plan to market a speech. That includes content, examples, fees, stage mechanics, potential buyers, the works. We do that in the comfort of my home with a professional videographer making DVDs you can keep. There are never more than six people. The fee includes lodging, all local transportation, and all meals (we have incredible dinners together at my favorite restaurants, breakfast and lunch is catered). The preparation work ensures that you focus on your own issues and objectives, and makes the best use of our time.

I’ve had former TV anchors, executives, “frustrated” speakers, coaches, consultants, you name it. Your experience level doesn’t matter.

Fee is $7500; $6500 for Mentor Members; $7000 for SAC Members. Lodging, local transportation, and meals are included, you need worry only about your personal travel.

So, if you’re interested in going where very few have gone before, enroll now. I’ll send the extensive prep work and you can begin creating a speech which you can market for major fees in any economy.

Please call if you have questions.

“I have to tell you that your Speaking With Alan workshop has totally transformed my speaking experience. Since the workshop, I have given a one-hour talk and two webinars. Thank to your unique approach, I’ve ditched the PowerPoint and am making a much better connection with my audiences. One of the webinars that I did had 1,000 people registered! A few people told me that I was the best speaker they’ve had! Thanks again for your practical advice and encouragement. I have to tell you that your class is the third speaking workshop I’ve taken, and the only one that had this kind of effect on me.”

Jenny Schade
President, JRS Consulting, Inc.

“Only twice in memory have I found myself on the wrong road, heading in the wrong direction, miles from where I am supposed to be. Most recently, last Thursday, after 2.5 days of intensive learning at Alan Weiss’ “Speaking with Alan,” I was so engrossed in thought, digesting the things I had learned, thinking about what I wanted to do first, that I found myself on I-95 practically in Boston before I realized I was not heading west on the Pike. The other time, you ask? Well, that was the last time I attended one of Alan’s workshops. Great learning is energizing AND very distracting!”

Ann Latham
President, Uncommon Clarity, Inc.

“Speaking With Alan is a unique experience that combines Alan’s deep understanding and experience of professional speaking, his ability to turn that experience into practical, learnable skills, the opportunity to develop and practice your own keynote speech under Alan’s guidance and the chance to try out some truly great red wines! As a result I have gone from a virtual standing start to having a value-added speech, a focused marketing plan, a robust model for creating future speeches and a taste for vintage Chateau Talbot.”

Stuart Cross
Morgan Cross Consulting

“In just 2.5 days I was able to turn an idea into a top notch keynote speech. Tons of fun, and tons of value.”

John Weathington
President & CEO, Excellent Management Systems, Inc.

“Many thanks for helping me take my speaking to the next level. You created a safe environment for us to experiment with new material, share constructive feedback, and learn more about marketing. I highly recommend Speaking With Alan to those who are committed to continuously improving their effectiveness, revenue, and profitability.”

Pamela S. Harper
President, Business Advancement Inc.

“Speaking with Alan is a once in a lifetime experience. As a result of this program, I am now able to prepare a keynote in two hours instead of the two weeks it used to take me. Thanks to you, I have the tools I need to take my speaking to the next level. Thank you Alan!”

Roberta Matuson
President, Human Resource Solutions

“Here are a few of the outcomes I gained from attending Speaking with Alan: a solid speech and a plan to market it, a template for developing future speeches, an incredible support group, and the confidence that I have a valuable message that others will pay to hear.”

Pat Lynch, Ph.D.
President, Business Alignment Strategies, Inc.

“Just doing the prep work for Speaking with Alan helped me to close a personal best speaking fee, weeks before the actual workshop! It’s a great experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to improve the value they provide and earn as a professional speaker.”

C. David Gammel
President, High Context Consulting


Fee is $7500; $6500 for Mentor Members; $7000 for SAC Members. Lodging, local transportation, and meals are included, you need worry only about your personal travel.

There are no refunds unless I do not deliver the program. However, your fee is a full credit toward any future workshop of any kind that I provide for the next year.

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