Alan Weiss’s International Super Best Practices Experience

I’m asked when I’ll next be doing things in Australia. Well, now I am!

I’m presenting a new experience—not even previously delivered in the US—for consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators, and other entrepreneurs (including boutique firm owners) who are seeking to adapt and build on the best practices I’ve observed (and created) globally.

These aren’t theoretical, but are instead highly pragmatic and you’ll be able to apply them immediately for improved results. In my earlier, basic best practices programs it wasn’t unusual for people to leave the room and make immediate calls to create changes in current proposals, initiatives, and delivery. You’ll do the same here because we’re developing the following skills:

  • How to receive daily referrals.
  • How to create communities that evangelize for you.
  • How to move toward low labor advisory work and retainers.
  • How to create high value passive income.
  • How to isolate what makes you “remarkable” right now and exploit it.
  • How to be “constructively outrageous.”
  • How to respond to the toughest questions and apply martial arts to them.
  • How to implement “MACS” (make all clients stars).
  • How to create original, compelling intellectual property daily.
  • How to avoid the success trap of “nesting” (complacent, zero growth).

You will gain a huge ROI if you use just a few of these super best practices, but most of you can use them all. How well are you doing them now?

Join me in Adelaide at the Intercontinental Hotel on November 14, 2018:




If you are among the first five at the venue, I’ll treat you to dinner the evening prior. If you are among the first ten at the venue, choose any two books from my book store.

If you are from the US and attend, take 15% off the current price! (use coupon code BESTUS)

I hope to see you there.

(These sessions will not be recorded for distribution, but may be recorded by the participants. Contact me for discounts for multiple participation from one company. See our no-refund policy on this site, we provide credits only for cancellations.)