How to Write, Publish, and Market A Truly Great Book for Your Business

Nov. 7, 11 am Eastern US time

Join me for 60-90 minutes (depending on questions) for a live teleconference that will be recorded and circulated to those who register. I’ve been asked by my clients to provide the following:

  • What kind of book is ideal for promoting business (as opposed to trying to sell books, which is dumb)?
  • What is the seminal message to create?
  • How do I acquire business and referrals with the book?
  • Should I commercially or self-publish? (It depends, learn why.)
  • Why Amazon is unimportant unless you’re buying tires for your car.
  • How to create business when people don’t even read the book.
  • Oh yeah: How to write it quickly.
  • Foreign rights, digital, and audible alternatives.

The fee is $200. I’ll accept email questions in advance, and  you get a week of email questions after the live broadcast. 

Bonus offer: For $2,500, I’ll help you create the outline and be available as you create the proposal for Q&A.