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An historic development experience with Alan Weiss and Mark Levy

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Instead of having to write proposals to prospects, imagine if prospects had to write proposals to you, so you could decide if you wanted to work with them.

Instead of having an important meeting in a cramped conference room, imagine if you arranged to have that meeting in a wildly unexpected place, like on the deck of a docked battleship or the summit of a mountain.

Instead of hiring an ordinary speaker for your next event, imagine if you were able to secure the services of a world-beater, like Malcolm Gladwell or Walter Isaacson.

If you were able to create strategies like these, what effect do you think they’d have on your consulting practice (and your life)? What would they do to your visibility and word of mouth? Who could you work with who you can’t even talk to now? How dramatically might your business grow, in terms of new clients, high-profile projects, bottom-line revenues, and quality of work?

That’s the power of outrageousness.

For a consultant, being outrageous is a potent yet overlooked growth strategy. The idea is to go against society’s expectations, so people are awakened.

On October 5th, join Alan Weiss and Mark Levy for their “How To Be Outrageous” workshop, the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. It will be packed with ideas and exercises, designed to get you thinking and behaving outrageously, right away, in the workshop itself and continually thereafter. This is not a “one-shot” exercise. It’s a full broadside.

Alan and Mark will teach you how to see through an outrageous lens, so that the concept can potentially shake-up your entire business, including your marketing, publicity, publicity tactics, content-creation, pipeline-building, prospecting, proposal-writing, advisory work, add-on work, and referral requests. The day will be one-half creativity and one-half guts. For you, the experience may well be life-changing.

  • Before Mark Levy, I was unknown. Now, I’ve performed for Warren Buffett and the Queen of Morocco, have New York City’s #1 rated live show, starred in a show at Carnegie Hall, and had my own TV special on the History Channel. Mark’s brilliance has been a driving force in every one of my achievements.”

    ~ Steve Cohen, “The Millionaire’s Magician”

  • If you’ve never heard Alan speak, and pass up a chance to hear him speak, then you’re crazy. If you have not heard Alan Weiss speak yet, make sure that you do. Alan possesses two of the qualities that I most value: genuineness and sincerity. Alan is genuine and sincere. He keeps it real”

    ~ Steven David, Bloomberg

  • Mark Levy is brilliant. He’s a resource I come to anytime I’m working on something important. The stuff he helped me see were ideas I don’t think I would have gotten to on my own.”

    ~ Joel Hodgson, creator of the Netfix show, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

  • Alan helped me to shift my perception of the value I provide to clients and change my business model to boost my firm’s profitability. He’s very smart and quick, with a well-developed flair for marketing and promotion. He’s been an enormous resource, and the value created far exceeds the fees paid and time invested. I’ve re-enrolled in the program.”

    ~ Nick Miller, President of Clarity Advantage Corp.

  • Mark helped me rethink my entire business in one day. He’s a miracle worker.”

    ~ Cali Yost, CEO of Work + Life Fit, Inc.

  • I met a man today who modeled a special something, Alan Weiss. He doesn’t worry about what other people think of him. He tells the truth. He doesn’t worry about offending people. Some people deserve to be offended, he says, and he certainly doesn’t worry about doing “great things” with his life. His goal in life is to relax and enjoy life. His goal in life is to love his wife and children. If how he makes his living supports that, AND he can do it ethically, morally, and with a spirit of service, that’s enough.”

    ~ Shary Raske, The Corporate Muse

  • Mark Levy has spoken several times to our community, and he’s been an absolute sensation. The women cannot get enough of him.”

    ~ Stella Grizont, Managing Director of Ladies Who Launch “Dream It! Live It! Launch It!” Conference

  • Alan helped me increase my revenue by 40%, just two-thirds of the way through our time together. We corresponded by e-mail from all over the world with great efficiency.”

    ~ Ione Dean, Ione Dean Consulting Group

The workshop leaders: Alan and Mark have long backgrounds in creating and practicing outrageous business-building strategies.

Alan Weiss

Alan, who pioneered the concept of value-based fees and has written more books on consulting than anyone in history, is renowned for his maverick-like style of consulting, which has enabled him to build a multi-million dollar business and a unique, global, vibrant client community unsurpassed in any professional field. He sells franchise opportunities for his intellectual property for $495,000—and then the web site asks the buyer, “How many?” He introduced his own credit card series to be used in his community. He’s worked with governors, CEOs, university presidents, and Miss America contestants.

Mark Levy

Mark who has consulted to the likes of Simon Sinek (of Start With Why fame) and the former head of the Strategy Unit of the Harvard Business School, is in the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame for his positioning and messaging work. He’s also created publicity stunts that have been written about in The New York Times and have appeared on TV. One of his stunts even made The Guinness World Book of Records.

Mark Levy

How to be part of this historic development opportunity:

October 5, New York City, dramatic venue, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., $5,000.00*, money back guarantee (if you do what we tell you that day and in the months to follow).

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Obviously, we’re accepting a limited number of people, who have a rare appreciation of development and growth. If you’re one of them, claim your seat now, and then tighten your seat belt when you arrive.

*Alan Cards and related cards cannot be used because this is a joint offering. Members will receive a 50% credit ($2,500) on their current balances.