Common Sense Consulting for Uncommon Growth Results The Teleconference

In ONE HOUR learn the principles behind five career-changing abilities:

  • Reducing your labor intensity by 50% immediately.
  • High value consulting using your head, not models and programs.
  • Monetizing almost anything you create.
  • Moving to larger organizations and larger fees.
  • Standing out in any crowd.

Alan Weiss is going to provide a fast, content-rich teleconference on how he has transformed common sense into uncommon brands, fame, and wealth. You will learn the principles to apply to your business right now, saving you time, improving your margins, expanding your client base, and making you an object of interest.

This is one of Alan’s rare, special teleconferences. The fee is only $100.(Members of the Alan’s Growth Cycle Round Table™ are, of course, free. Alan’s Circle™ members: 10% discount.) This is a special teleconference not included in any ongoing series or subscriptions.

Workshop to Follow
On September 6, Alan will conduct a full-day, low investment workshop on Common Sense Consulting in New York City. He will quickly review and then go into detail on the implementation of the principles for Common Sense Consulting. You will be able to apply these approaches before you leave the program.

The workshop is intended to help as many people as possible, so the fee is only $590 before August 1, and you can deduct the teleconference fee from that investment for a net of only $490! Alan’s workshops and events are often $1,000 to $10,000 for a day, so this is a rare opportunity.

Date: September 6, 2012
Time: 9 to 4 US Eastern time
Venue: Greater New York City area
Fee: $590 until August 15, $690 thereafter. Reduce these fees by $100 for those registered for the teleconference on August 22. (Alan’s Round Table™ members are free, Alan’s Circle™ members may apply an additional 10% discount!)

“You were the number one choice on our “hit parade” of sought-after speakers by those making six and seven figures in the profession. No one else was close.”

Christine Sexter
Senior Partner
Expert Career Development Training
Remember I told you in Atlanta I was proposing my first 6 figure contract? Well, I just got it—full fee, my terms! I am so excited. I used the proposal format you showed us in Atlanta and kept referring to Million Dollar Consulting as I worked through the process! Thank you Alan!

Thanks for your words of wisdom.

Emily Huling
Common Sense Consulting for Uncommon Growth Results
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