Sales Talk

Join me for a special, 60-minute teleconference which will focus on ten different key moments in the sales process. I will role-play, with an assistant, ten critical steps in securing business.

You can download this onto your iPod or similar device, and listen to the relevant exercise just before your own sales call or meeting. If you use it during the meeting, don’t let the prospect see the ear pieces!

Here are the ten, five-minute segments:

  • Opening a meeting
  • How do you seize the initiative, make sure you follow your game plan, use the allotted time to move to the next step?
  • Dealing with common objections
  • What if the “timing isn’t right,” or “we didn’t budget for this,” or “you should go see our human resources directory”?
  • Dealing with tough objections
  • How to prevent being clobbered by “Have you worked in this industry?” or “How many people do you employ?” or “How much experience do you have?”
  • Suggesting a project
  • How do you stop listening to someone’s life history or arcane technical problems and actually find a pony in the room?
  • Establishing objectives
  • How to create business outcomes in five minutes with the buyer.
  • Creating metrics
  • How to identify measures of success in five minutes.
  • Formulating value
  • How to help the buyer acknowledge the value and ROI (yes, in five minutes).
  • Moving toward the pre-proposal close
  • How to establish definitive next steps that maximize the chances of your proposal being accepted.
  • Closing the deal
  • How to follow up on the proposal and move forward with payment, starting date, and unequivocal commitment.
  • Free-for-all
  • Dealing with nutty problems, such as a buyer who drones on; hostile questions; avoiding being delegated away; and an unfinished meeting.

This will NOT be a Q&A format with the audience. It will be my traditional hour of high-content, very pragmatic demonstration using one assistant (whom I will then levitate after the session, but you’ll have to take that on faith if you don’t buy the video).

A great many people do their best to learn from a variety of performance aids, but there’s nothing like the quick refresher in the car, in the hallway, in the lounge, or in the restroom just prior to that key meeting!

“I know you know you’re good. But damn, you’re good. I’m just now listening to your 9/21/09 sales call. You’re simply brilliant.”

Daniel Pitlik
Pitlik Consulting Group
Sales Talk
Special Teleconference