SRP: Sex, Religion, and Politics A Teleconference

Are you interested in a frank rant about the topics that are generally avoided? Join Alan for 55 minutes (a therapist’s “hour”) of frank and often frightening discussions about:

  • The damaging PTP: propensity to please
  • The “personal sleight” behavioral disorder (the failure to signal a lane change was intended to hurt ME)
  • Scarcity thinking and of the foolishness of frugalness
  • Advanced neediness, or “prove to me you find me fascinating,” and the legitimate need for self-validation (Facebook Syndrome)
  • Healthy selfishness
  • Performing under self-imposed pressure
  • Why mocking religion and people of faith has come into vogue
  • Why Obama has failed (or if you prefer, has not remotely achieved his full potential)
  • The hypocrisy behind tobacco legislation
  • Automotive cognitive dissonance (don’t go running out to buy Tesla stock)
  • How high price differentiates quality in crowded markets
  • Why everyone loves the current Pope (admit it)

Have both a rollicking good time and some sober insights as Alan lets loose on topics seldom raised in polite company.

(For an extra $15 I’ll send the slides.)

SRP: Sex, Religion, and Politics
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