Alan Weiss on Consulting A guided journey with the “rock star of consulting”

Interviewed by Linda Henman, PhD, and Aviv Shahar

After 40 years in consulting (he started when he was 8), Alan Weiss, “the rock star of consulting,” was finally persuaded to sit still periodically over the course of a year for over a hundred hours of interviews edited for this seminal work. He has written more books on consulting than anyone in history, and in these pages you’ll find “the best of Alan.” In freewheeling and candid responses, he replies to three expert interviewers (themselves highly successful consultants) with energy, pragmatism, and his signature humor. This book will be on the shelf of every serious consultant in the world, dog-eared, marked up, and forever applicable.

You may order the hard cover, 500-page book alone, or with the unedited audio tapes which contain about twice as much content, including “outtakes” and offbeat humor (not to mention incredibly rich content).

Book: $39
Shipping $10.
Estimated publication date: August 15, 2013.




Thank you for sending me the audio portion of your latest book—it’s fantastic. I’ve spent a good portion of the past two days listening to it, and it’s full of great content. It’s packed with great counsel not only on consulting, but also on life.

You’re not charging enough for it! You are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. You can clearly ask for $100 or even $200 more and it would be a steal. Maybe call the audio supplement 40 Hours with Alan Weiss: The Making of Alan Weiss on Consulting. When you think about it, any person who has access to this gets to be a fly on the wall for 40 hours of intimate conversations with you. These interviews contain many of the same questions I would be asking you if we sat down one-on-one.

Congratulations on another product that far exceeded my expectations.

All the best,

Scott Pace
Alan Weiss on Consulting
Great Life Press
(Hard Cover, 544 Pages)