Getting Started In Consulting

Third Edition

The comprehensive guide to beginning a consulting practice the right way, whether you have experience in the field or none at all. Includes information on home offices and conventional offices, initial funding, immediate marketing needs, avoiding “workaholism,” and a great deal more that even veterans claim would have made a huge difference if they had begun with an approach geared toward more rapid success. This book is an ideal reference work to test your planning and is also a classic Alan Weiss “cut to the chase and damn the torpedoes” kind of read. It’s also an outstanding gift for any friend considering the lures of entrepreneurialism. Save time and money and start the business the right way.

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“Alan Weiss is the rock star of consulting!”

Judy Jernudd
CEO, Prime Performance
Getting Started In Consulting
John Wiley & Sons
(Soft Cover, 320 Pages)