How to Acquire Clients

The fourth book in “The Ultimate Consultant Series” from Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer focuses on the acquisition of new business, of more concern for consultants today than ever before.

In How to Acquire Clients, “Million Dollar Consultant” Alan Weiss takes you through each step of his highly successful – and accelerated – selling sequence. He discusses various types of buyers, the range of styles to expect, and how to adapt to each buyer’s needs.

He also demystifies objections, and provides a foolproof way to prepare for them, rebut them, and overcome them on the way to six-figure projects and seven-figure years.

The book features contributions from other successful practitioners dealing with projects they landed, the ones that got away, and the bizarre aspects they’ve encountered.

If you are a solo practitioner, running your own small firm, or looking for the best way to progress in a larger organization (in fact, if you’re selling services and intangibles of any kind) this is the book which can increase your revenues almost immediately.

“Alan Weiss’s wisdom wins contacts, clients, and contracts. Buy this book and use it every day.”

Jeff Gitomer
Author The Sales Bible
How to Acquire Clients
(Sard Cover, 220 pages)