Life Balance How to Convert Professional Success Into Personal Happiness

Second Edition

The seventh and final book in The Ultimate Consultant series is a book for everyone, whether you’ve read the prior six or not, and whether you’re a consultant or not. This is Alan’s most definitive work on a subject he’s become passionate about: blending life, work, and relationships into a holistic, fulfilling existence. The book contains over 40 interviews submissions from the over 5,000 readers of his highly popular “Balancing Act” newsletter, and hundreds of techniques from Alan on Life, Work, Relationships, and achieving Synthesis. A rare book perhaps the only one in this depth on the subject.

“The pundits all talk about achieving a balance of work and life. But until now, no one has provided clear, concise instructions about how to attain it. Alan Weiss elevates this book into the ranks of the ‘must read’ by providing a wealth of practical information in an engaging and thoroughly readable fashion. He shows that to be successful you don’t have to just work, work, work.”

George B. Irish
Hearst Newspapers
Life Balance
(Hard Cover, 544 Pages)