The Great Big Book of Process Visuals or, “Give Me A Double Axis Chart and I Can Rule the World”

(Las Brisas Research Press, soft cover, large format, 102 pages with CD)

Written as the result of hundreds of requests to obtain the unique graphics that Alan Weiss has termed “process visuals,” this is a collection of 50 of his most potent visuals and graphics. The visual appears on a single page, and on the opposite page are details of its origins, rationale, application, and room for notes.

There is also a CD ROM included, compatible with any platform, which enables the reader to directly insert the graphics into notes, reports, and various slide presentations. This is an invaluable asset to provide interest, humor, diagnosis, and fascination to speeches, presentations, sales situations, meetings, facilitation, and all related interactions with an audience, large or small, formal or informal.

“It’s been a long time since I devoured a self-help book, Million Dollar Consulting┬«, but your words resonated with me. I especially enjoyed your remarks about your dog. The ‘If you want to stroke your ego, get a dog’ was a hoot. Thanks for a great read – and for an even bigger wake-up call. I’ve spent the day reformatting my marketing materials, rewriting my web site, developing new coaching/consulting programs, and creating a new way to be inspired by my work.”

Jennifer White
The JWC Group
The Great Big Book of Process Visuals
Las Brisas Research Press
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