The Martial Arts of Language: How To Use Leverage And Technique To Succeed In Every Conversation


A powerful ebook containing the toughest buyer (and non-buyer) challenges Alan’s clients have sent to him over the recent past, and his specific language to deal with each. Use this to prepare for meetings in the waiting room or on the airplane. It’s updated as new entries are made and you can also purchase a lifetime of the newer editions. As a bonus, the book includes 101 Sales Questions for Every Sales Situation.

“This a powerful reminder and a new look at the basics of a sales conversation. I’ve printed it to help memorize the best lines, and remind myself of these concepts.”

—Jim Grew, President, The Grew Company

The martial arts teach about power and its appropriate application in numerous varying situations, and this book offers black-belt examples of the use of language power in business situations. Another must-read for every independent consultant, from the master in the field.

—Shlomo Swidler, CEO. Orchestratus

Alan Weiss is like a black belt martial artist of corporate communication. In The Martial Arts of Language, he imparts his mastery of powerful, strategic language….so you’ll quickly close lucrative corporate deals.

—Sarah Hathorn, CEO, Hathorn Consulting Group

There’s no substitute for experiencing Alan “live” but this comes close. Immediately applicable: the Million Dollar Consulting® attitude in a book.

Andy Bass, President, Bass Clusker Consulting

Sure, Alan’s Martial Arts of Language is a helpful toolkit to assist in selling. More importantly, though, it drives improved client conditions by appropriately challenging their reflexive embrace of the status quo.

—Ed Marsh, Founder of Consilium Global Business Advisors, LLC

This book is an incredibly valuable distillation of Alan’s experience in using the power of language to deal successfully with challenging situations when selling consulting services.You will almost certainly find a use for one or more of his suggested responses every time you speak to a prospective buyer. Highly recommended!

—Hamish Mackenzie, Founder, ValueShapers Consulting

The Martial Arts of Language provides the straightforward answers to every situation you might face with a buyer. If you want to increase your consultant success, get a hold of this book.

—Richard Citrin, Citrin Consulting

In 2003, Alan published the “Language of the Sale” resource that completely changed my sales success and practice philosophy. No one is more precise or sharper with language. Alan’s tactics work. He is the Bruce Lee of language.

— Amy Showalter, President, Showalter Group

Alan Weiss does it again! He gets right to the heart of the matter and lays out for consultants—and any salesperson—just about all of the common communication roadblocks thrown up by buyers and shares very specific responses for each. His clarity of thinking peels away the complexity and drives get to the heart of the matter with buyers.

—Todd Hockenberry, Owner, Top Line Results

My selling success relies on my communication skills, and having Alan’s language rattling around in my head gives me confidence that I’m communicating clearly, and lets me concentrate on the buyer. If your success depends on your ability to communicate clearly, “The Martial Arts of Language” belongs in your toolbox.

—Greg Chambers, President, Chambers Pivot Industries

If your objective is to significantly improve your client conversations, The Martial Arts of Language is the book you need. You will be able to measure your improvement by closing many more consulting agreements, and the value you will gain will be exponentially more than the cost of the book and your time! And make sure you keep the book handy, too—you’ll go back to it time and time again.

—Leslie Austin, Ph.D., The Lion Tamer, Austin Consulting

This book has helped me several times in the first week to establish better relationships with buyers and move business faster. It’s the sales Cyrano de Bergerac in your pocket!

—Aviv Ben-Yosef, B2B SaaS Consultant

Language is the key to turning objections into winning. The master of language, Alan Weiss, provides us those keys in this excellent book.

—Alan Willett, President, Oxseeker, Inc.

I highly recommend the Martial Arts of Language. It’s your one-stop guide to becoming a provocative object of interest to prospective clients. Then, once you’ve made the sale, this book will provide the language to reduce your labor—while increasing your perceived value to the client.

—Praveen Puri,
President, Puri Consulting LLC

Alan has an answer for everything! This is a comprehensive guide to any objection you will encounter while consulting.

—Heidi Pozzo, President, Pozzo Consulting
The Martial Arts of Language
Las Brisas Research Press, 2018