2018 Million Dollar Consulting Convention Videos

Watch speaking engagements from:

Alan Weiss, Chip Bell, Suzanne Bates, Dorie Clark, D. Kevin Berchelmann, Donna Brighton, Lisa Bing, Karen Wilson-Starks, Richard Citrin, Noah Fleming, and Joel Acevedo


We’ll be focusing on a great many things, including:

  • Dramatic, short-term business growth.
  • Building a strong brand and visibility as an expert.
  • Passive and remote income.
  • Decreasing labor intensity and creating better balance.
  • Creating dramatic, provocative intellectual property.
  • Both commercial and self-publishing opportunities.
  • Raising fees and amounts of business in current clients.

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Watch Alan Weiss on: Million Dollar Consulting Convention

2018 Million Dollar Consulting Convention
MDCC 2018 Speaking Videos