Alan Weiss 101 Accelerating A Consulting and Speaking Career

For the first time, in one super-charged day, Alan Weiss will take you from starting a practice, to acquiring clients, to leveraging business, to non-labor-intensive implementation, to the life style you cherish.
Combining the pragmatic techniques in dozens of his 37 books (and the engaging, humorous, contrarian interaction he’s known for), he will take newcomers, people with a few years in the business (and those veterans who may want to admit they’ve been stuck in the slow lane!) on a whirlwind, six-hour trip from anonymity to accolade.
You will leave this session with:

  • A powerful description of your value options
  • A crystal clear picture of your buyers—more varied than you may believe
  • Wider and more diverse markets than you currently think possible
  • “Reach out” techniques to gain business
  • Market Gravity™ techniques to attract business
  • Higher fee levels and bases than you currently use
  • The ability to move between speaking and consulting with ease
  • A blueprint to turn any “event” into a much more valuable process
  • Three key time and labor intensity reduction techniques
  • Four dramatic techniques to remove self-esteem obstacles
  • The express lanes for turning intellectual capital into intellectual property
  • Personalized plans to live a guilt-free life with your success
  • The recognition and application that real wealth is discretionary time

Everyone attendee gets a choice of any one of these complimentary books:

  • Million Dollar Consulting
  • Money Talks
  • Getting Started in Consulting
  • The Million Dollar Consulting™ Toolkit
  • The Ultimate Consultant
  • Life Balance
  • Thrive!

Spend a day with “The Rock Star of Consulting” and “The Consultant’s Consultant,” one of only two people in history inducted into the National Speakers Association Speakers Hall of Fame® (CPAE) and as a Fellow by the Institute of Management Consultants (FCMC). Alan is able to do this program in this location and at this time because he’s appearing in Denver for a combined meeting of the IMC, NSA, and ASTD chapters. One day, one time.
This is the lowest-priced workshop Alan has provided in over two decades! His typical programs are filled at $2,500 to $15,000 per person, from New York to Sydney, from London to Vancouver. He wants to make this affordable for as many people as possible. You should be able to regain the admission fee within 30 days if you follow the advice and models you’ll learn about!
This is not going to be offered in the US again, let alone in Denver! Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your business for years to come with just a six-hour investment of your time! What could you be doing that day that would boost your career and enhance your life more than this?

“Only twice in memory have I found myself on the wrong road, heading in the wrong direction, miles from where I am supposed to be. Most recently, last Thursday, after 2.5 days of intensive learning at Alan Weiss’s “Speaking with Alan,” I was so engrossed in thought, digesting the things I had learned, thinking about what I wanted to do first, that I found myself on I-95 practically in Boston before I realized I was not heading west on the Pike. The other time, you ask? Well, that was the last time I attended one of Alan’s workshops. Great learning is energizing AND very distracting!”

Ann Latham
President, Uncommon Clarity, Inc.
Alan Weiss 101
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