From Six Figures to Seven!

From the Million Dollar Consultant® Alan Weiss
For the first time ever I’ve created a developmental experience specifically designed for successful, six-figure (profit) practitioners, who aspire to surpassing a million dollars in profit per owner. And, I’ll be providing the techniques to help you keep what you earn.
This is a limited participation workshop. you will learn, master, and begin:

  • Leveraging your current strengths in the market
  • Decreasing your labor intensity
  • Jettisoning the emotional and tangible “anchors” which are holding you back
  • Creating “next level” marketing
  • Establishing powerful brands
  • Adapting a completely value based fee philosophy and implementation
  • Establishing a position of thought leadership
  • Building your own “community” and network of alliances
  • Implementing advanced publicity and promotional tactics
  • Creating a solid support system
  • Providing yourself permission to succeed and overcoming self-doubts

This program will include the findings and ideas generated by the Million Dollar Club, where a dozen, million dollar-plus consultants gather to create best practices for themselves and others. “From Six Figures to Seven” will contain intelligence, advice, initiatives, and guidance simply not to be found anywhere else in such a cogent and comprehensive setting.
These few days can catapult you to the next levels immediately. This is the turbo-charge for your already-powerful engine. More metaphors available if you need them!
The ideal participant:

  • Currently earns between $250,000 and $700,000 (US equivalent) per year
  • Has been involved in consulting or related work for at least two years
  • Has marketing and collateral material in place, including electronically
  • Is willing to learn quickly and suspend past habits and practices as necessary
  • Can check his or her ego at the door and be an equal among peers
  • Enjoys taking prudent risks, both in the program and subsequent to it
  • Enthusiastically wants to participate and grow the business
  • May be a consultant, coach, facilitator or related professional and needn’t change or diversify

This is a limited participation program with extensive and far-ranging prep work. There will be at least two voluntary teleconferences, free, for those who register. This is not a duplication in any way of the Million Dollar Consulting® College.

From Six Figures to Seven!
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