The Abundance Experience

As a result of increasing demand, I’ve created a single day experience to create, sustain, and live a life of abundance. That starts with a mindset change for most people, one that needs guidance (irrespective of the amount of money you are earning). Many wealthy people have a poverty mentality.

Here are considerations which we’ll address as we change your life that one day:

Abundance Traits

Its meiotic to suggest that people with buying addictions or egos to sate or who DO want the biggest boat are necessarily abundance thinkers. They are simply purchasers with money (or large debt). Here are traits which I’ve identified with a truly abundance mentality:

  • Lack of guilt of afterthought when acquiring something for yourself.
  • Genuine pleasure in obtaining items you desire to have.
  • Comfort with your position and no need to “beat” another’s position.
  • Original views and actions, not derivative ones (“He flies first class!”).
  • Positive self-talk (“It’s time to do this,” not “What will people think?”).
  • Philosophy that more income is always possible.
  • Not constantly seeking “deals” and deferred payments.
  • Ignoring credit card cycles and interest.
  • Helping yourself in order to better help others.
  • NOT doing things that don’t suit you even if others do them.
  • Refusal to constantly evaluate “ROI” on every investment.
  • High faith and belief in one’s self and one’s talents.
  • The understanding and acceptance of success.

Our entire economy is built on a scarcity premise of there being shortages. However, today, there is bounty. We have more resources, power, opportunities, and access than ever before. Thus, we find ourselves in a low-shortage, low-interest, low-inflation world—that no one is really prepared for, not the governing bodies, and not most of us.

Let’s learn to live with the courage of our own talents. This day will change your life.

The Abundance Experience
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