The Time of Your Life Ordering Your Universe

I’ve been asked repeatedly to explain how I’m so productive and responsive while working fewer hours a week than anyone else. Two of my CDs on the subject, Time Management and Time Mastery, are perennial best-sellers.
For the first time, I’m conducting a full day practicum to maximize your productivity while reducing labor intensity. Do you believe that you’re not getting enough done, taking too long to achieve goals, failing to set proper priorities?
Then invest in six hours for a day that will save you six weeks over a year.

Learning focus:

  • Remove the clutter (emotional, physical, psychological) that impedes movement.
  • Create accomplishment lists (not “to do” but “to result”).
  • Organize any day, month, or year with goals and flexibility.
  • Master the rare feat of time shifting.
  • Increase your responsiveness so that you distinguish yourself with clients, friends, and family.
  • Create a healthy selfishness to guide your day. (Where is Ayn Rand when we really need her?!)
  • WYSIWYG, so be careful in terms of what you see, and know what it is you want to get.
  • Tame the wild technology so that it does tricks for you in front of crowds.
  • Work with passion but not zealotry.

You will leave with a detailed plan to improve your time use, increase your productivity, enhance your emotional state, and never look at a clock or calendar in the same way again. I’ll share my secrets for mastering your day and creating the Time of Your Life. There will be preparation work, and you’ll be expected to bring your physical and/or electronic calendar.
Others would take a week and charge you a fortune. I’m taking six hours and barely charging anything!

“We recently discussed a client I’ve been working with for a few meetings. For my last meeting with themwas on Tuesday the12th. I had a proposal on their desk on Wednesday.

They accepted the deal onMonday! Thanks for your help. I am positive it would have taken me years, ifat all, to structure a proposal like this—based on value versus hours,payment up front, set objectives, specific time frame, and without legaljargon.

I am already on my way to making more in my first year as a consultant than I was before. As you can tell I’m a little jazzed, but not unrealistic.”

Manny Garza
President, Encouragement Research and Resources, Inc.
The Time of Your Life Ordering Your Universe
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