The Workshop Workshop (or W2)

For the first time ever I am offering a two-day experience to create a powerful, profitable workshop of any length in an area of your choosing. In 2008 I generated over a million dollars in business from high-end workshops that didn’t exist three years ago!

We will start with the value and outcomes you want to provide in a specific area (e.g., branding, language, growth, team work, quality, whatever you select). Then we identify the audience and decide what the proper investment is for them in terms of time and money to generate an outstanding ROI for them and substantial income stream for you.

We then “back into” the design, taking the time you think is optimal and viewing it in 90 minute segments (two in the morning, two in the afternoon) for the duration of the program. Then, starting with the foundation that we establish, we move through discussion, practice, feedback, and application. We will create interaction alternatives, exercises, group activities, role plays, case studies, visuals, handouts, workbooks, whatever. At the end, you create a bridge to carry over to the post-workshop world.

There is extensive preparatory work and two very intensive days. You will emerge with a workshop ready to market, including target audience, price points, marketing plans, and promotional copy. We will even cover how to negotiate with hotels and conference centers for the best deals and how to avoid penalties and cancellations. You will have a template for anything not completed during out time together.

If you desire, we will introduce you to video, audio, graphics design, and web experts to help in any areas you feel are appropriate, at discounted fees.

And you will have 30 days of my phone and/or email coaching subsequently to ensure the momentum continues.You should be able to begin marketing the workshop immediately after our time together.

The Workshop Workshop
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