Thrive! Stop wishing your life away…

Based on Alan’s newest book, this experience will change the way you look at the world around you and empower you to feel and act like the master of your own fate.

Alan has condensed and solidified what he’s learned over 25 years of working with highly successful people to create a very powerful set of skills and behaviors that will allow you to set your own course without fear, baggage, intimidation, or guilt.

His very popular Self-Esteem Workshop dealt with feelings of self-worth during high points and low. Thrive! will help you create consistent high points through the intelligent acquisition and application of skills.

In the first day of Thrive! you will:

  • Develop techniques to create reasonable “stretch” goals
  • Master use of your time, including overcoming distractions
  • Jettison the energy suckers and bad influences
  • Kill cows (throw baggage off the train—no cows will be harmed)
  • Act like a success to live like a success
  • Avoid both victim and poverty mentalities
  • Deal with difficult people (including yourself)
  • Recognize and exploit your own greatest assets

In the optional second morning, you will:

  • Voluntarily discuss obstacles and learn to overcome them
  • Help colleagues with their issue, thereby helping yourself
  • Create a six point, personal plan to ensure you Thrive!
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