Alan’s Common Sense World View

Interested in a five-minute video weekly on the world around us, trends, opportunities, interpretations, and positive vibes? I’m shooting it every week, no matter where I am in the world.

(This is DIFFERENT from the Common Sense Consulting® Weekly Video, which is directed at the consulting profession. This is for people who want positive, pragmatic help to thrive, no matter what their occupation or avocation.)

I’ll be broadcasting each week from my pool, with clients, in Tuscany, in Hong Kong, in Palm Beach—wherever my life takes me. You’ll have a download each week with all 52 episodes included.

Among the topics I suspect will be in my Common Sense World View, for example:

  • Why do we polarize issues and how can we stop?
  • Is there a gender difference in decisions and interpersonal relations, and does it matter?
  • The role or non-role of spirituality in the workplace.
  • Why do Canadian geese so effectively go south, but not Canadian professionals?
  • How to stop feeling guilty.
  • Sustainable esteem.
  • Shifting balances of geopolitical power.
  • Why the internal combustion engine is here to stay.
  • Ending the factory and warehouse of education.
  • The next big thing.

These videos will not be studio production quality, but like me: energetic, original, pragmatic, and entertaining. And I’m not “stockpiling” them. Every one will be shot the week it’s distributed so there will be a contemporary flair to all of them.

I don’t expect you to agree with me every time. I don’t really care! But if you’re provoked enough to think of new ideas and change certain behaviors—or be validated in your current ones—isn’t that a huge value?

I’m where I am today because I’ve provided the value of common sense, first to Fortune 500 companies, and then to mentoring and coaching clients, around the world for the past several decades.

Now you can join me for a couple of dollars a week.

That’s just common sense.

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“I Just wanted to say that when you came down to DC I was in the audience. As I listened to you speak, I was exceedingly impressed with how your mind works. Your recall and sharp analysis of questions were pure magic.

And I was in New Orleans when you spoke as well, which is why I came to the DC session. I thought of you in terms of your PR. Just reading that, I thought, “Here is an accomplished consultant who knows how to market.” When I heard you in New Orleans on the big stage, I thought, “Here is a man who has a huge staff and knows an awful lot about what he does.”

But when I heard you in DC in the more intimate setting, I thought not of the “salesman,” not of the “consultant,” and not of the “speaker”—I thought, “Here is a person with a brilliant mind, and though he knows how to sell, he is truly unpretentious. You do justice to the profession of speaking and you are truly a great symbol of what we should do with our learning.

And it was good to learn that you ARE your huge support staff!”

Bill Grimmette
Gambrillis, MD
Common Sense World View

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