Alan’s Friday Wrap

Every Friday you will receive an audio link to a private site with a 15-minute podcast from me. The audio will comprise:

  • That week’s hot topic and business potential for you.
  • My latest thinking on building business and improving life.
  • Response to the best and most frequent questions submitted to me.

Every month on the final Friday you’ll receive a video link to that private site with a ten-minute video, which will include:

  • My projections for the immediate future for business advantage.
  • Critical analysis of key business and economic trends.
  • Some humor and life balance advocacy.

Once a year, everyone in the community is invited to meet at an easily accessible, attractive destination—The Wrap Party—where we will:

  • Gather at a cocktail reception the evening prior.
  • Exchange best practices.
  • Network.
  • Engage in role plays and “hot seats.”
  • Develop new intellectual property.
  • Hear guest speakers.
  • Share my latest intellectual property and apply it.
  • Determine how best to leverage the community interactions.

Can’t come to the conference? No worries—we’ll record it on video and send it to you!
(The conference is free, exclusive to this community, and you are responsible only for personal travel and lodging.)

The wealth of value above is 24 hours of development, personal and professional, over the course of a year. This material will not appear anywhere else, not iTunes, not YouTube, not NPR, not on any of my sites.

The Friday Wrap