The Weekly Sabbatical

Insights and Instruction for Business Improvement

The Weekly Sabbatical™ is a series of video presentations offered by Alan Weiss in a web-based format and aimed at enabling business professionals to periodically remove themselves from the continuous demands of the business environment, and to avail themselves of instruction and insight on topics of self-examination and renewal.

Many business professionals have the ability to take formal leaves of absence in order to pursue objectives and instruction of this kind. Many more people, however, often with as much need, find such extended leaves impractical or unattainable. The Weekly Sabbatical™ is an effort to address that need.

Subscribers to The Weekly Sabbatical™ have access each week to Alan’s thoughts and insights on topics intended to help them renew and reinvigorate themselves and, by doing so, to provide the same benefits to their businesses.

The benefits of The Weekly Sabbatical™ are available to those business professionals willing to make a modest investment of time and resources. A new program is published each week; all programs can be viewed at the subscriber’s leisure; and past programs remain available to the subscriber for multiple viewings.

An installment of The Weekly Sabbatical™ is available for viewing here.


Until February 1 the fee is only $250 for 50 editions—$5 per week for your personal renewal. After February 1, the fee is $300. People who sign up after the series begins will receive all past issues.

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The Weekly Sabbatical
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